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Hammer 3D Offset Attack Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 25 degrees

RG: 2.50"

Differential: .053"

M/b: .008"

Surface: 1500 grit sanded w/ Crown Factory Compound

Core shape: Asymmetric

The 3D Offset, released earlier this season, has been an excellent hit for Hammer. It brought back one of the most significant releases in bowling history and has been successful on the lanes. One of the most exciting things about the 3D Offset Attack is that it is Hammer’s first release with the new HyperKinetic 22 cover base. In this release of HK22, you’ll notice more rich and impressive colors and a cleaner and more responsive cover, which creates more area at the breakpoint, leading to higher scores. The amount of backend potential built into this 3D Offset Attack is truly a significant step forward from the previous release.

My 3D Offset Attack is drilled with my new asymmetric layout. This is a very tall pin above the fingers with a low VAL angle in the layout (25 degrees). This maximizes the length of this already long coverstock and pushes the 3D Offset Attack deep down lane before it senses any friction. From there, the 5 1/2" pin also holds the length to the max before the HK22 cover unleashes its backend move. This new cover from the brands of Brunswick is super clean through the front of the lane, so I could definitely see some lower pin layouts working well. We won't be afraid to change up some layouts at the store with customers wanting to see some different core motions out of the Offset Attack.

I have several balls with the same layout that I was able to throw this 3D Offset Attack against. Versus previous releases like Hellcat, Trailblazer Solid, and Melee Jab Carbon, Offset Attack fits in the longer and stronger category versus all of these balls except for the Melee Carbon (symmetric core ball). Offset Attack is much easier through the front of the lane than the duller balls in the brand right now (see 3D Offset, Envy, and even Widow 2.0). I find the backend move to be very strong but not in a sudden/sharp way. 3D Offset Attack is a strong and slightly more continuous shape than the sharpest backend balls out there. I also feel like it covers more boards than most glossed or compound finished balls from the brands of Brunswick at this time.

Overall, this piece is going to fit in at your medium oil centers in town. Places like Park Lanes, AMF College, Lunar Bowl, and Gladstone bowl should all match up well for the Offset Attack. With the compound finish on it, it's going to be worth a look at some of the drier centers in town as well, for the right players.

Brunswick is saying that the new HK22 cover also allows for more rich and brighter color formulations than past balls. This is likely due to a clearer base resin that's allowing the color to show through to the outer veneer layer. In my past experience, most base resins used in ball manufacturing have an amber tint to them. This change will not only be exciting to see what they come up with on colors (see Defender Hybrid and Top Speed as well), but also how it impacts performance.

3D Offset Attack hits the lanes this Friday, November 18th. We'll have plenty of these in stock at Total Bowling Gear. Come and see us to learn more about this new cover advancement and product from the Hammer brand.


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