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Brunswick Vapor Zone Hybrid Ball Review

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

RG: 2.47"

Differential: .048"

M/B: .017"

Surface: 500 / 3000 grit Sia Air pad

Core shape: Asymmetric

What I wanted from this ball: Last year I had a Storm Physix that I used on medium to slightly heavier oil lane conditions that was typically the first ball out of my bag when warming up. It was smooth and continuous, while having just enough pop downlane to carry on a wide variety of lane patterns. I was looking to replicate that with this Vapor Zone Hybrid. This is the same layout I used on that Physix last year.

What I ended up with in this ball: The Vapor Zone Hybrid mimics a lot of the attributes found in the Storm Physix I used last season. The 3000 grit cover seems to traction in medium to heavier oil without getting too long down the lane. It's also smooth enough to clear the heads on most fresh conditions I've seen. In one instance recently where the fronts were drier I was able to add some loft to the shot and still keep the midlane and backend reaction with this ball. Even with the duller surface I think most of our customers will see ease through the front of the lane with the Vapor Zone Hybrid.

You can really see the benefit of the lower rg core system in the midlane portion of the shot. Vapor Zone Hybrid revs up quickly through the breakpoint zone of the lane, and makes an aggressive arc off of the end of the lane pattern. I've found it best so far when the lanes were either fresh or more on the wet/dry side. The asymmetric core creates very strong motion at the breakpoint. The core motion is one that I think we'll be able to use across a wide range of our customers with success. We may shy away just a touch with our lowest revolution players, as options like the new Intimidator by DV8 or the Zing series from Radical will likely yield better results.

I've yet to change the surface on this ball, but I don't plan on trying it. I feel like this core and coverstock matchup is likely best left alone. I'm hoping a little laneshine on this ball will provide just a touch easier length without losing backend motion. Once that happens this ball is likely to make a regular appearance when I'm bowling around town.

Overall I think we'll see good success when we use the Vapor Zone Hybrid to fill gaps in our customer's bags. To learn more about this new release from Brunswick, stop by Total Bowling Gear anytime!

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