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Roto Grip Halo Ball Review

Layout: 65 degrees x 5 1/2" pin x 40 degrees

Weight hole: Not required

Surface: 3000 grit sanded

What I wanted from this ball: This was ball #2 for me in my new bag this bowling season. Check out my blog on the Intense Fire for the first piece. For the Halo, I was looking for something with the same core motion as the Intense Fire (same layout), but more overall hook. With the Micro-Trax S18 solid cover and the surface, I expected it to easily hit the target versus the polished Intense Fire.

What I ended up with in this ball: This one is exactly what it should have been. With the rougher surface versus the Intense Fire, the Halo definitely reads the lane sooner and gets in to a roll several feet earlier than the Intense Fire. It's also more hook overall. I've noticed the Halo prefers the heavier side of the oil patterns versus the medium transitions as well.

You may have noted that I actually changed the surface of the ball before I even drilled it as well. These balls come 2000 grit sanded from the factory. Rarely can I use a 2000 grit ball in my general league play around the area, so I smoothed it up a touch to the 3000 level with brand new Abralon pads. This added just a touch of "sheen" to the finish, allowing it to get a tick longer through the front of the lane, without really diminishing much in hook potential.

I do find the Halo to be best suited on heavier oil, and for that reason I'll likely just have the one in my bag. I don't see a second layout option with this one being of much benefit to me. This one will likely remain the first ball out of my bag on fresh/heavier conditions for a while.

Cleaning the ball is always important, and it is certainly so with this ball. The Halo wants to take on lane shine quickly, so make sure you're cleaning it each time you finish bowling. Stopping by for a fresh surface adjustment every few weeks would be highly recommended as well.

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