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Roto Grip Dare Devil Trick


Roto Grip Dare Devil Trick


65 degrees x 4 1/2" x 40 degrees

No weight hole required


3000 grit Abralon sanded

What I wanted from this ball:

It's time for me to get ready for the USBC Open Championships, so I've begun drilling a few balls that roll smoother and tend to "lock up" the backend of the lane. Most of the time at the OC, you'll find that the backends hook plenty, so finding a way to simply control the pocket is half of the battle. That's what I had in mind when I put some holes in this Dare Devil Trick by Roto Grip. Ideally this ball would fit in between an Ebonite Maverick and an Ebonite Gamebreaker 2 Phenom Pearl that I know I'll be taking with me.

What I ended up with from this ball:

I've thrown the Dare Devil Trick in four different centers so far, including South Point Bowling Center on a Bowlers Journal squad at the Open Championships. From a total hook perspective, this ball fit perfectly for me. The Trick is 3-4 boards weaker than the Ebonite Maverick ( that I've been throwing for quite a while. It's definitely longer through the front of the lane than the Maverick, and it should be with a lower differential symmetric design versus the Maverick's high diff asymmetric core. I've also got the Maverick at the 2000 grit Abralon box condition, so all of this lines up with what I would have expected. The Trick is also more hook than the GB2 Phenom Pearl that I have, which is no surprise given it's a 1000 grit/polished ball. The Trick is definitely smoother at the breakpoint than my Maverick, and also maybe a touch softer in the backend than the GB 2 Phenom Pearl. This one is just a super smooth control type of ball, which has a chance to match up nicely on flatter patterns.

Overall, Dare Devil Tricks have looked fantastic for the customers we've sold them to, and I expect this ball to continue being a great seller in the store!

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