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Storm Hyroad Ball Review

Every now and then you just have to try something older and see if it still works. I've probably had double digit Hyroads across my career in bowling. Early on they would have been as comparison balls during product testing when I worked for Hammer Bowling. Customers ask me all the time why balls get discontinued. When it all comes down to it, there's only one reason a ball gets discontinued - it stops selling. So when people ask why Storm has been making Hyroads for almost 10 years now, the answer is obvious......they still sell.

This has been a staple in the Storm lineup for years with pro staff players and amatuer bowlers, as it simply offers a shape that you can't find in the rest of their product lineup. Nothing gets down the lane easier, and whips back stronger in the back of the lane than a Hyroad. It's only of those special balls that seem to find a way to knock town 10 pins more often than your other stuff. Often times those balls aren't your biggest hooking ball, and they're usually not you're straightest ball either. My Hyroad fits that category as well.

I drilled this Hyroad with a 70 x 4 3/4" x 45 layout, no weight hole required. With my positive axis point measurement, the pin falls just above the ring finger, with the center of gravity just right of my grip center. This ball fits perfectly in the middle of my "league bag," with it being the ball I can transition to once my stronger equipment begins to roll too soon and over-hook. At my league at Sterling Bowl, this has been an outstanding games 2/3 ball after I've thrown my Ebonite Maverick (see previous review).

Hyroads are extremely easy to get through the front of the lane, so one thing you'll want to watch is the desire to want to throw this ball too soon in a set/tournament. If you do, you'll recognize the moment with 2-pin combinations. But once the lanes transition and open up, just send it wide and let it ride, as my old bowling coach used to tell me!

Overall, this is a fantastic product with proven results, and is still one of our best sellers here at Total Bowling Gear. Stop in today to learn more about one of the best products in bowling!

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