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Inception Pearl Ball Review

I took the Inception Pearl out for a few games recently, and wow is this ball a sleeper! This ball is one of the sharpest looking and best rolling balls on the market this fall.

It starts out with the Adaptor/D Asymmetric version core, originally used in the solid Inception. This is a high differential, high mass bias core shape built for big track flare potential. With the original Inception, I thought the cover dominated the core a bit and was simply too aggressive for most lane conditions. 900 Global dialed back the cover with a pearl version S74R coverstock, and it really brings this core shape to life!

The S74R pearl cover finished at 1500 grit with polish glides through the front of the lane with ease. There's simply no early grab in this ball, where the original Inception really wanted to dig early through any amount of oil. 900 Global recommends this piece on medium oil lane conditions, but I think the core is strong enough to use on medium to heavy oil conditions for even average handed players.

I drilled this one 60 x 4 3/4" x 45 for me; no weight hole needed in this one. It's the same layout as a couple of other balls in this blog if you'd like to compare the reviews. With the Inception Pearl, I see the biggest length and backend combination out of all of the balls drilled with this pattern this season. Overall, I've got this one 2-3 boards stronger than the Infrared that I've thrown week after week at Sterling Bowl. It's just a bit skid/flippy for that house condition that I bowl on, but this ball rolls fantastic on conditions that are a little more blended in nature.

Don't sleep on some of the 900 Global releases that have been coming out. They're making some fantastic products that roll in the upper echelon of the balls being released right now. Stop by Total Bowling Gear for more info on this one!

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