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Hammer Dark Web Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.54"

Differential: .048"

M/b: N/a

Surface: 1500 grit sanded

Core shape: Symmetric

The Web series of balls has been another popular nameplate for Hammer, and they have all complimented the Black Widows very well. Hammer has engineered multiple cores for Webs over time to target different reactions, and the Dark Web uses a newly enhanced version of the Spheroid core. The Modified Spheroid core has a flip block added to the top of the body of the core to help increase overall motion. The modification raises the RG while leaving the differential the same. The change allowed Hammer to use an aggressive cover and finish and now gives them a big-solid symmetric ball that Hammer fans will love.

Mine is drilled with my standard 5 1/2" pin up layout that you can find in many of my reviews and videos. I want to say first that I believe this is a monumental step forward in ball motion from the brands of Brunswick in general. Many of you know that Brunswick produces the Hammer lineup. The covers I've seen coming out this Summer are substantially different than the ones of the past, and in a very positive direction. In the past, we've seen some covers that were very dull, and very aggressive in the front part of the lane that just didn't yield as much down lane motion as our general customer prefers. The first two balls I've drilled this Summer (Dark Web and DV8 Hellcat) offer WAY more continuation in the backend of the lane, giving the user higher entry angle while still maintaining some of the original "control" features of the Brunswick produced products. It's a strong marriage of the two qualities and one I'm excited to throw more often at more centers.

I've left the Dark Web in the box finish because it's simply matched up everywhere I've gone. The 1500 grit sanded surface seemed to lane-shine quickly and gave me just a touch of extra length than the first few shots I threw. You'll see that in the first 50 shots video being released soon. In this layout for me, the Dark Web flares around 2 1/2", giving me control off of the wet/dry while still being enough flare to create friction when it's on top of the oil. So far this ball has been a house shot killer, with big sets at both KC Bowl and Royal Crest Lanes where there is a little more friction than most houses in the metro. The Dark Web corners hard when it hits the friction and makes a strong continuous shape through the backend. It's not a skid/flip motion by any means. Strong arc would be my overall opinion of the ball motion.

So far the Dark Web has played well from many different zones on the lane as well. I really liked it at Royal Crest when I was playing a little straighter and sending it to the dry quickly. It bounces off of the dry and then "locked up" the pocket extremely well with some forward roll on it. At KC Bowl, I've been able to increase the rotation and create a booming arc shape that shows off the versatility in the product. Overall, it just seems to be a very strong launch from the Hammer brand with a lot of potential for a wide variety of styles.

We're stocking the Dark Web in 12lb through 15lb at Total Bowling Gear, and look forward to seeing you at the store soon to answer any questions you might have about this new release from Hammer!

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