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900 Global Altered Reality Ball Review by Jeff Ussery

Layout: 60 degrees x 5 1/2" x 40 degrees

RG: 2.50"

Differential: .052"

M/b: .018"

Surface: 1500 grit polished

Core shape: Asymmetric

Last year's Reality was one of the best all-purpose medium-heavy to heavy oil balls in the marketplace, and they still continue to sell well today for use on those conditions. The Altered Reality is the follow up that utilizes S84 Response coverstock materials with the same Disturbance core shape to provide longer breakpoints than the Reality without sacrificing overall hook.

I drilled the Altered Reality with my standard test layout; pin up with a strong mass bias position. I had quite a few balls to throw against this piece when testing it, which gave me a broad look at the strengths and weaknesses of the ball. The ball I threw most against this one was my Zen, drilled the same way with the original box surface. I'd described the Altered Reality as the asymmetric version in ball motion for sure. It's response to the friction has the quicker shape that asymmetric cores exhibit, and it tends to "jerk" a little more as well. Where the Zen symmetric core shape offers the more rounded look, Altered Reality is best with the backends are a little fresher and a more controlled look is needed.

The Altered was certainly as long as I expected it to be with the 1500 grit polished finish. I was hoping for a slightly more aggressive down lane. I've missed that Astro Physix type motion in my bag ever since that one went away, and was hopeful I could get the Altered into that type of slot in the bag. But it's just not quite designed for that. This piece again is more of the sudden skid/snap shape versus previous 900 Global/Storm asymmetric polished balls.

I have a lot of sanded pieces that I'm not getting much use out of now due to the lane conditions I'm bowling league on, so I didn't try scuffing the surface on the Altered. It may have been a little better option for me had I done so, but I didn't see the point with so many dull balls literally collecting dust while I'm not bowling some tournaments right now.

Customers have really liked the color scheme on the Altered. While I was a bit skeptical of the logo design when I first saw it, it's really been a non-issue. I was wrong, I'll be wrong again. One thing we learned as a generality when I used to work on the bowling ball side is that logos that are tough to read present a challenge at retail. 900 Global is a strong enough brand right now that the Altered logo hasn't been a factor on the shelf. It seems that the marketing is making it through to the bowlers and they know exactly what this ball is named.

Stop by TBG and learn more about the fastest growing brand in bowling, 900 Global! They have some outstanding pieces on the wall right now.


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