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Storm Super Soniq Ball Review

Layout: 45 degrees x 4 1/2" x 70 degrees

Weight hole: Not required

Surface: 2000 grit sanded

What I wanted from this ball: I was hoping to find a new medium-heavy oil everyday league condition ball. In particular in my league at Sterling Bowl, I've been seeing some loss in performance from my standard equipment, and I was hoping a fresh cover on a lower rg core system would create enough hook for use out of the gate on KC's slickest house shot.

What I ended up with in this ball: I basically got exactly what I was looking for. The low rg core found in the Super Soniq revs quickly off the hand to help create friction in the oil. The aggressive surface on this ball also helps it get in to a roll quickly. I was really surprised to see how much this ball actually hooks off of the friction. It has the "read" of a shinier surface bowling ball, acting almost angular in nature when it reads the friction. This is uncommon in sanded coverstock balls, as they usually react more smoothly when they encounter the dry portion of the lane.

I used my typical pin down layout on this ball (see other reviews to see what that looks like). If I find enough use out of this one, I'm highly likely to drill a second Super Soniq with my pin up layout. Overall this looks like a pretty solid piece in the mid-price category. The Super Soniq seemed to keep the pins pretty low while on the fresher portion of the lane pattern. As the night went on, I found the Super Soniq to follow the oil-line nicely, never really quitting in the backend of the lane. The only scenario where I've found a little weakness is on extreme over/under, where the ball wants to still jump quick off of the dry, but doesn't quite hook in the heavy oil portion of the pattern.

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